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CEO Rie Tsuchiya

Aboout me

Rie Tsuchiya is a mother of two boys, who cares about supporting other mothers; loves people, who creates opportunities for international connections; and, an experienced esthetician, aiming holistic beauty, inside and out.

Education and Experience

  • The Aroma Environment Association of Japan (AEAJ) authorized aromatherapy instructor
  • Japan Esthetique Association authorized esthetician
  • Certified nail stylist
  • Director of Harty Kounandai, an international exchange NPO
  • Childcare professional
  • Junior High School& High SchoolSpecialized Teacher’s Certificate (Japanese)
  • Wine&Sake Sommelier

Why I do what I do

2011 was supposed to be one of the greatest years of our lives: I would give birth to our first child and my brother would get married. But the year quickly took a turn for the worst when my mother was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer in February. She was told she would not live longer than a month, maybe two, but she lived long enough to meet my son in early March and to celebrate the marriage of her son. During that time, we all survived the biggest earthquake in Japanese history and the terrifying aftermath of the tsunami and nuclear meltdown. We lost our mother while wondering if the world itself would also end. But, as in most tragedies, there was light. I endured the most trying season of my life with the support of friends and family to whom I am eternally grateful.

Why I volunteer

Through losing my mother, I gained an even greater appreciation for the role a mother plays in a family. Because the family looks to the mother for strength and direction, I believe it is very important for mothers to be healthy and happy. In a sense, she should shine like the sun. I want our programs to not only bring happiness to mothers and their children, but also to build bridges between people that might not meet otherwise. Children should grow up in close knit communities where they feel safe and supported. We’re all in this together, after all, and that’s why I love to volunteer.
I wanted to repay the kindness I received during that difficult period of my life, so I started various childcare activities. I aim to provide affordable ways for mothers to not only receive support, but also be around other mothers and even continue using the skills they used during their careers before entering motherhood. Many mothers help run the activities that relate to their passions, like teaching English classes or even yoga. Whether you want to join an event for fun or even lead an event, please join us!!
What I love about these activities is that they allow me to meet many people, which is why I volunteer as the director of Hatry Kounandai. Meeting people from around the world has been invaluable for me, and I am always looking for more opportunities for international exchange.

Why I enjoy working in holistic beauty care

My goal is to accentuate your natural beauty, to provide relief from your daily tiredness, and to teach you ways to continue these practices on your own.
Ready to take a moment to relax? Come to HugMe. I am looking forward to meeting you. (And, if you enjoy our services, why not work with us? We are always on the look out for new staff!)


Yokohama city Kounan ward

The nearest station

Keikyu-line Kamiooka
Yokohama subway blue line Kounan chuo
JR Kounandai or Youkoudai