Discover rustic, authentic and unspoiled gems in Rural Japan!
Inaka(田舎) is a Japanese term meaning a rural area or the countryside.
Inaka, where authentic traditional Japanese culture still thrives.
You will experience the real Japan and the true value of its ancestral heritage.
Your body and soul will be fully refreshed by warm-hearted people and beautiful, breathtaking views.
You can spend time leisurely there.
If you would like to participate in a special experience…ie: friendly interaction with locals, why don’t you ask us?
We would like to help you to understand our culture and the way of living as well as traditional esthetics.
We want to try to customize an itinerary based on what you would like to see and experience here.
We will be happy to maximize your ability to truly enjoy your days and time in our country so that they will be more enjoyable and memorable.

HOMESTAY IN JAPAN / Experience the true Japanese countryside and people like a local

We hope to connect travellers to local customs, events and integration within local communities in Japan for better ease of communication, cultural understanding and a unique experience.
We can find your host family for you.
Do what the locals do, eat where they eat and experience the realness of this beautiful country without the barriers. Let us bridge the gap to enhance your stay and your lifelong memories.

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