Seeking Foreign Host Family in Japan

[Remuneration Included]

Would you like to be a host family for students who study English in Japan?


I am a mother of two young boys. Over the years, we have met many American families, with whom we have spent a lot of time, traveling, celebrating holidays, and even just hanging out. Together, we created valuable memories that cannot be replaced. When our closest friends moved back to the United States, we missed them a lot! Now I want to continue this wonderful experience of international exchange and friendship, not only for my kids, but also more people.

To do so, I need English teachers and host families to open their homes to Japanese students for short homestays. The beauty of these interactions is that you’ll be helping your visitors practice English and learn more about your culture while you also learn more about Japan. It’s a win-win!

Check out the information below for more details and feel free to contact me with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!
Rie Tsuchiya

P.S. For moms like me who want to do something purposeful while spending time with your kids, this is a perfect opportunity for you. Your kids will benefit from meeting Japanese students too!

What is a homestay?

A homestay involves hosting students who study English in Japan and want to take English lessons during the day while staying at an English teacher’s home. Homestay student’s aim to not only to learn English, but also about their host’s different customs and living habits. The ultimate goal is mutual cultural exchange.

What do I need to do?

Just welcome the student as a member of your family. Normal life as usual is enough, as it will be a special experience for students. Of course, cooking a traditional meal or inviting them to do your family’s favorite activities (like playing a card game, for example) will add to the fun! A homestay with a foreigner is a rare chance for students to experience cultural exchange; something they could not do on a normal basis. Getting to know Japanese students will also provide valuable experiences for you and your family.

Homestay Programs

  1. One-Day Course (within 12 hours) Include 2 meals.
  2. One-Day overnight Course (within 24 hours) Lodging fee, 3 meals.
  3. 2 Days overnight Course (Please go out together if you go movies, bowling, transportation, etc.) Lodging fee, 6 meals.

*Students will pay for their activities (movies, bowling, transportation, etc.)

Overnight Homestay Itinerary Example:

Arrive (Meet at the station) Introductions, house tour, show guest to their room.
Discuss the day’s activities.
Eat Lunch
Activity (e.g. walk to the park, go grocery shopping, etc.)
Meet children and have a snack at home
Play with children and have conversations
Play board games. Enjoy dessert and coffee
Bed time
Wake up, shower, pack

Contact will be given shortly after students are located. You will be informed prior to the lesson day of the student’s likes, dislikes, hobbies and English conversational level. The object of Homestay program is to make students feel welcome as a member of your family. Do not be concerned about age. Note: While we hope you will involve students in your family’s everyday lifestyle, please do not make them do household chores (unless, of course, they offer to help clean up a meal, etc.).

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